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All content created with gratitude + love by Jenna Lee Pictures • Copyright © 2009-2019 Jenna Lee Pictures

Per industry standard all monies paid toward any event (retainer and partial or full payments) are non-refundable to offset loss of business on said day. By booking an event with us you agree to this term. Mahalo!!


I believe in light. I believe in love. I believe in vibrations. I believe in the power of moments. I believe in running wildly barefoot through a field and dancing in the rain; connecting with the earth; breathing in the incredible energy of this life we have been gifted, of this love we have been gifted, of this moment we have been gifted. This moment. I want you to live in your moments. BE present. Simply BE. Kick off your shoes and dance wildly, love freely, without a care in the world. Rest assured your moments are in good hands. I live to curate these moments. Your moments. Your magnificent day, allowing you to be FULLY present in YOUR moment. Because these are some of the most important moments of your life.
I enjoy pushing my clients to the edge of their comfort zones. A session with me is unlike a photography session you'll ever experience elsewhere... Because it's not about posing, it's about YOU... getting lost in each other, in this beautiful world, and having a beautiful experience. This allows me to capture you and curate your day in an authentic way. After all, this is YOUR story.. I'm just here to help tell it. 

Who is Jenna Lee?

I'll be honest, I'm a bit of a wild child. I have a reputation for doing what it takes to get the shot.. if this involves barefoot climbing up a tree (happens all the time,) hanging off of a cliffside, laying facedown on lava rock, or ending up fully clothed in the ocean - this would be just a typical day with my camera. I am often found with random sticks in my hair but I've always beleived if you're not a complete mess when you're done doing something, you didn't have nearly as much fun as you could have (and yes, this includes eating.) I thrive off light, love, energy, laughter and creativity. I'm driven by your story and inspired by the beautiful. I laugh often, travel as much as possible, and adventure regularly. I am definitely part mermaid and you can often find me rejuvinating in or exploring the Hawaiian oceans. I was definitely Greek in a past life and holding true to my Mediterranean heart, I'm Italian in this one. I thrive off of REAL moments, emotion, laughter and love. I strive to capture your day in as real of a way as possible. Working with and guiding you through the photography process effortlessly in a way to capture and curate your day in a way most authentic to you. My style is unique, natural-light based... REAL Moments... REAL Emotion... Genuine... Auhentic.... Lovely. Images and moments that will stick with you in this lifetime and the next.
Jenna Lee is a world-renowned, nationally published photographer, who became famous for her incredible "lava wedding photos." The story went viral world-wide and was picked up by news outlets around the globe, they were talking about it on Good Morning America, she was interviewed on FNC (see below), trending on facebook, "hottest thing today" on Snapchat, featured on Yahoo's Instyle, published on HuffPost, Buzzfeed, Refinery 29 and a number of other media outlets. She is currently ranked third for world's best wedding photographers with WedAward. She has photographed professional athletes, celebrities, best-selling authors, musicians, and life coaches. She has taught at large photography seminars on the topic of Boudoir Photography. She built her business in 2009 in Los Angeles and since then, it has taken her to Vegas, NJ/NY, Texas, Colorado and now Hawaii for the past 8 years. She loves capturing all people, and absolutely loves capturing capturing those in love. Her team of creatives excels in capturing the big day from different artistic angles and through different lenses, thus collecting a true authentic story.   Jenna Lee placed in the top 3 Wedding Photographers in the world by WedAward for 2017 and 2018 and in the top 10 for 2016-2018. Her photography has been featured all over the world and seen on BRIDES, TheKnot.com, BRONCOS.com, Huff Post, Buzzfeed, Snapchat's "What's hot today", Trending on Facebook, Yahoo, In Style, Bravo, The Nerdist, Refinery 29, Fox News Channel, Hawaii News Now, KITV, KHON, and many, many more.

"The perfection is in the imperfections...

 That's where your story is told."

Jenna Lee

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We absolutely love kiddos and love supporting those in need any way we can. From our sweet wish kiddos, to our sponsored kiddo in the Philippines, we are passionate about these sweet little humans. Want to learn more about our favorite charities or get involved? Visit below!

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