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Per industry standard all monies paid toward any event (retainer and partial or full payments) are non-refundable to offset loss of business on said day. By booking an event with us you agree to this term. Mahalo!!




First you feel like dying,

then you feel

When Jenna Lee's best friend, (now IFBB Pro and 2014 Olympian) Crystal Matthews, became a professional bikini body builder, it introduced her to the beautiful world of fitness photography. An avid gym goer herself, she appreciates the hard work and dedication these athletes show up with in their every day lives. Being that Crystal lives 90% of her life in training, Jenna Lee understands the strong will, motivation, dedication and sacrifices that are made for the sport and has become passionate about capturing it. Since then, she has worked with some of the top athletes in the industry, having works published in Muscle & Fitness and Mile High Sports.

You've worked so hard to get your body where it is today, make sure and have it immortalized in gorgeous photographic art. After all....

You didn't 

carb deplete

for NOTHIN'.

As seen in...