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Per industry standard all monies paid toward any event (retainer and partial or full payments) are non-refundable to offset loss of business on said day. By booking an event with us you agree to this term. Mahalo!!


Maternity Photography


I've got a lil'

in the oven

The beauty of motherhood. Glowing with the excitement of the unknown and the curiosity of the beautiful little being growing inside your belly. How beautiful to think you are growing a beautiful little person-- your baby, a little person who will is half you, and half of someone who is most likely your favorite person. The miracle of life, there is nothing else quite like it. Maternity is such a beautiful momentous time in your life, where you selflessly give and protect and create magic. It's most definitely a time worth capturing... Call or book today to book your special session. 

Jenna Lee Pictures is a maternity photographer from Honolulu, Hawaii. We service maternity clients throughout the local area, including Oahu, Honolulu, North Shore, Pearl City, Waikiki, Maui, and destination maternity shoots including the mainland, Colorado, Pueblo, Denver, Los Angeles, New Jersey, and Las Vegas. Jenna Lee Pictures is a professional creative portraiture and lifestyle photographer that has been part of the photography industry for 6 years. We specialize in creative women's portraiture, maternity photography, newborn photography, maternity photos, intimate portraiture, creative lifestyle portraiture, contemporary and photojournalism photography. Maternity Pictures and Newborns too!