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Per industry standard all monies paid toward any event (retainer and partial or full payments) are non-refundable to offset loss of business on said day. By booking an event with us you agree to this term. Mahalo!!

E,mail and ask about a pause. They have offered us a 90 day pause.

E,mail and ask about a pause. They have offered us a 90 day pause.

E,mail and ask about a pause. They have offered us a 90 day pause.

Adventure Wedding Photography



"I truly believe the dirtier your dress is at the end of wedding day, the more fun you had!"​
-Jenna Lee
With my hand in yours... I'd follow you anywhere.
I wake up with gratitude every morning for this amazing life... To think we are each a living and breathing miracle. Star dust. Energy... PURE MAGIC. Now to think.. you've finally found your person... your soul mate... your Anam Cara. It's one of the most beautiful gifts we are granted in this lifetime. It is my belief to celebrate and honor life as much as possible, to dance wildly, to bask in the beauty of this moment NOW, to celebrate this planet, our experiences, each other, and to live life to the fullest. This is why I am so passionate about adventuring with couples to epic places and curating their unique story there. It's so much more than a photo session. It's a wild adventure together, a journey, an experience you will always have to cherish. You will grow together and laugh together and forge an even stronger bond as we play together and get lost in the beautiful world. I highly encourage you to take the leap. Let's adventure together... 
*Wedding photos can be taken any time and don't need to be taken directly following your wedding! This is a great idea for your honeymoon or even on a wedding anniversary! I recommend to definitely wear your wedding dress or a similar outfit... after all, what better way to immortalize your gorgeous gown then adventuring somewhere EPIC in it! 


Any adventure you can dream up.

Any Time. Any Place.

You're Epic.

Your wedding photography should be epic too.


Shoot us a message for pricing info or to reserve your date!