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How do we stand apart?

Aside from the quality of our imagery and your shoot experience, hopefully you can get a sense of those things from our work and our reviews, here are some things you may not know and the WHY of why I think we may be a good fit for you.


Is it lame to start with Passion? Sure we hear people talk about it, but I'd be remiss to start this list without an honest conversation about my WHY, before I give you all the reasons for yours. I didn't CHOOSE this business, it CHOSE ME.  That's only because never in my wildest dreams could I have dreamt up a more perfect calling for me. Ever since I was a little girl I was passionate about Photography, about art, and about my love for people, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever envision my life taking me down this road. Maybe it was the way I was raised, I'm not sure, but "Photographer" was never a career-path that popped into my head. Even still, I was the friend who always had the camera, who was always, and I mean ALWAYS, curating and documenting our adventures. After College, I started to explore my personal WHY's and get to the root of what my PASSIONS actually were... this, along with help from my Auntie-Mom (my Auntie who is in many ways like a second mom and also a badass photographer, she took all the photos you see of me! Deborah Kolb, if you're curious :) did I uncover this was my true life's passion, I just did what I love and the stars aligned and here we are ALMOST 15 years later! When I started out, Adventure Wedding Photography wasn't a thing. "Trash the Dress" was the thing... I didn't really resonate with that sentiment as much. I've always said "The Dirtier the Bride is at the End of her Day, the More Fun she Had." (This isn't that I believe flawless brides didn't have any fun, however if you life on the edge of infinite possibility and open yourself up to any and all magic the day has to offer, you stop worrying about staying clean and instead open yourself up to amazing and fun possibility. - Like dancing with your wedding party out in the pouring rain, HELLO, EPIC MEMORIES!!!! So I believed all this, however, I didn't think you needed to TRASH your dress. I began taking my couples along with me to off-the-path spots I knew and loved. My couples would laugh as we'd be on the beach in Hawaii and there were 5 other photographers standing in the same spot, taking the same posed photo, and here was my couple LAUGHING and PLAYING and LOVING in the crashing waves. I quickly gained a reputation for being the Wild Child Photographer who  was willing to go to any lengths to get the shot. This, paired with my passion for people, for bringing joy to the lives' others, for authentically loving and caring and wanting to ensure these humans had the best day possible and the experience of a lifetime has helped me to craft this business. Sure I'm a photographer, a wild one.. scaling cliffs, hanging out of trees, laying face down on lava rock, getting up to my armpits in the ocean on WEDDING DAY only to have to continue shooting for 4 more hours, I do that to get a shot. But I'm also your friend, your cheerleader, your wedding advocate,  racing a client through the halls of a hospital to get medical attention (not from an experience with us, don't worry!, an experience they had prior to our arrival) , Crying with you during a challenging life moment you've entrusted us to share and doing our best to honor the memories we've been entrusted to capture,  Wiping off 100 wedding seats for the third time when it's been pouring, because  we want you to have a stress-free experience (and your guests to have a comfortable one), I'm the bobby-pin in my fannypack when mom's hair is dancing in the wind, and your comfortable ride when your wedding venue forgot to arrange transportation even though you paid for a package that was supposed to include it. This isn't just a job to me and you're not just another wedding. I genuinely from the bottom of my heart love what I do, I love my clients... and because life can be full of ups and downs, it's so important to me to help ensure your experience is a huge UP, one you'll be smiling back on for years to come.




We aren't just there to capture beautiful images, but to tell the story of your day. Your incredible and important moments, the sweet candid moments ni between, anticipating an epic moment before it happens, or guiding clients to help an incredible moment take place that wouldn't have otherwise happened...  From the beautiful details, to those expansive dynamic environmental shots, intimate close ups, birds-eye view with the drone, and everything in between. Our goal is to capture variety  to curate your story beautifully. 


January 2024 marks 15 years in this beautiful biz! Shooting weddings not only in the busiest year-round wedding market in the world, HAWAII,

but also all around the world, we have the experience to curate any and all events. Not only will we curate your event in the most gorgeous of ways, ensuring we capture all your sweetest details, we will guide you through your day so that you can focus on just being present in your moments and enjoying the beauty of each one! 

We are well-equipped and prepared to handle any situation that might arise, from surprise weather, to unexpected performances, and more.

From barefoot elopements in a field, to a luxury ballroom wedding, to a 4-day event, cliff-side "I do's", and more. Experience is so important when it comes to your big day, there are so many things to anticipate and prepare for that only come with experience. Taking a beautiful photo is only half of the puzzle, being able to anticipate what will happen next, the weather, outside variables, etc only comes with experience!


Jenna Lee Pictures (1 of 1)-10.jpg


From our years of Experience come the years of lessons and fine-tuning we've done to ensure we are ready and prepared for anything. Not only do we have an amazing team and network, crucial because sometimes life and emergencies happen, helping to ensure WE HAVE YOU COVERED. EQUIPMENT Not only this, we not only have a large variety of Professional-Grade Equipment and Back-Ups, but our Back-Ups HAVE BACK-UPS! YES, you NEVER have to worry about being unable to shoot because a piece of equipment went out, we have Backups available for use. We are fully equipped to capture ANY Photo or Video Event. BEAUTIFULLY. From Water-proof Lights to capture you dancing in the rain, to Multiple Awesome Cameras to make sure we capture all the angles.  BACK-UPS Not only does our equipment write to 2 cards simultaneously (this means that as we shoot, our camera is also making a back-up of your image) We also have an incredibly robust, and advanced back-up system to ensure we always have your photos. We back everything up to our massive system, so if 8 years down the road you happen to somehow lose all of your images, we should have you covered. (Obviously this isn't something we can guarantee, but we are as protected and backed up as it gets!)


From the amazing people answering our phone's and emails to our incredible creative team, we are blessed to have the most amazing humans on this journey with us. Each of our photographers and videographers are humans who's creative work I stand by, who I'd be honored to have capturing me if it were my big day, and who I trust with my baby (this business!) that I have poured my heart, my soul, my blood, sweat, and tears into since 2009.


If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied, email us right away and we'll do what we can to make it right. You can also contact me on my personal cell number 818.274.1256


We Celebrate Color.

Ahh.. photography "trends", as sure as they come they will also ALWAYS GO. Breaks our heart when we have couples call us up, to re-capture wedding photos for them because a few years back a different "Trendy" photographer, who specializes in only honey-tones (super yellow imagery devoid of most other color) captured their event. They realized later, there is no color, no life, no true representation of their story and they regret their decision later.. We've read many a sad email from couples, who used Trendy Photographers to capture their imagery, who claim they don't have a single photo they love and are now reaching out so that we can capture Wedding Imagery for them instead.

We're not about that life, we love color, we love your authentic experience, we want to celebrate that beautiful color and honor you and your story!! (We are happy to work with couples who want more of a moody edge, or more light and bright after all, no 2 stories or couples are the same, so I'd NEVER put you in a box. However, regardless of how the event is captured, we make sure to always honor and capture COLOR.)

At JLP we believe in HONORING the COLOR, Baby!! & Then throwing some shots into B&W if that's your jam or we feel it fits the image (and yes, you still get the shot in color, too.)


We love and celebrate ALL the Elements!!!!!!!


We can't control what the weather will do on your wedding or shoot day, but we can be prepared for it and help you celebrate YOU even in the rain and capture even more epic imagery because of it!! Any extra, added element is seen as a reason to celebrate. Added artistic flair, and an organic story element that helps tell more fully your story. 

Adventure Photography Oahu Rain Photo

We Love & Celebrate
All Humans.

Wanna know what drives me nuts? When I see on a website that a business "WILL work with *Names a certain demographic* " Assuming that most businesses won't...?  kind of unintentionally alienating that group of people, with a sort of back-handed comment, is how this lands for me. Drives me nuts. While I'm sure that's not the intention, if something said "We Proudly Work with Women!" I think my immediate thought would be "F You."

(because... why wouldn't you?)

You can see by our portfolio that we LOVE and CELEBRATE ALL HUMANS as should be the standard EVERYWHERE, no questions asked. 

(**This does not however refer to mean humans or those that hate fun. But I can refer you somewhere else. ;)

Customer Service

Because Hawaii-time, is real... (I mean when you live in Paradise many people prefer to be out and about and enjoying it... and if it's a good surf day FORGET IT!) To get around this we have an AWESOME Customer Service team (my FAMILY) located on the mainland (so that they are in the time-zones many of you are contacting us from. They are also up 4 hours before we are in Hawaii, which means they are ALWAYS available at sunrise time if someone has a question or needs anything.) I am super lucky to have not only my father, Jerry, but my sister, Tessa, on our team. We pride ourselves on our great customer service, very-fast email response time, and phone customer support. I am also always available for a phone call when one is requested!

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