Oahu Locations

Custom locations available upon request. Have a specific location in mind? Let us know! Jenna Lee is crazy adventurous and LOVES to explore this beautiful world, so if you have a specific location in mind, please let us know! Additionally, we shoot anywhere in the world and are happy to tailor a custom package just for you! 

Features Include: Beach / Park / Diamond Head Views / Lagoon / Palm Trees / Lava Rock Wall / Harbor / Ducks & Birds / Dock

• Best at sunrise time (fewer people on the beach) • Convenient Location for Most Hotels • Lots of Variety • Popular!

Features Include: White Sands / Aqua Waters / Forest on Beach / Mountain Views / Islands in Distance / Aerial Photography OK

• Sun Rises on this side of Island • Beautiful at Sunrise or Sunset (Far Less Crowded at Sunrise) • $50 Travel Fee

Features Include: Rugged Coastline / Ocean Views / Colorful Rock / Bridge View / Fun for Drone / Crashing Waves

• Required a Comfort with Heights • Beautiful at Sunrise or Sunset (Far Less Crowded at Sunrise) • $50 Travel Fee

Features Include: White Sands / Aqua Waters / Beautiful View of the Mokulea Islands / Nice Spot For Water Photos

• East Side of the island • Sun Rises on this Side • Beautiful at Sunrise or Sunset • $50 Travel Fee

Features Include: Lava Rock Coast Line / Tide Pools / Blow Hole / Mountain & Cliff Side / Ocean Views / Crashing Waves / Tall Grass

• East Side of the island • Sun Rises on this Side •MAGICAL At Sunrise • Require a 30 min Hike in & out • 2 Hour Session Minimum

Features Include: Beautiful Beach / Lava Rock / Gorgeous Sunset Location

•North Shore Location • $125 Travel Fee

Features Include: Beautiful Manicured Beach Location / Palm Trees / Calm Waters / LaGOONS / Beautiful Chapel

•Ko'olina Location - Convenient For  FOur Seasons / Aulani / Ko'Olina Area • Sunrise Or Morning Time ONLY •$75 Travel Fee

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