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by jenna lee



If you love animals like I do, you won't want to miss this awesome list.

We love animals!

What's more magical than having the most epic day of your life? Furry and Feathery friends making an appearance at your wedding, of course! Whether it was an intentional guest or a total wedding crasher... these moments are sure to give you ALL the heart eyes!! So if you've been sitting around wondering if it's acceptable to invite your woodland friends to your wedding day, my advice is a resounding Abso-F*cking-lutely!

1. FLAMINGO fiesta

This Texas couple invited their love of flamingoes to be a part of their big day! The San Antonio Zoo was only more than happy to oblige! Chavah Grant of Vida Chic Events literally crafter their entire day around this incredible bird, from their gorgeous table decor, to this incredible florals... this was an event for the books!

2. Birds of Paradise
A wedding couple runs through a flock of birds flying about them on the beach in Hawaii during their Hawaii elopement on Oahu

Let's face it, pigeons tend to get a bad rap, especially in the city. This bird pretty much has no shame and is apologetically itself, even while stealing your french fries in the middle of a restaurant. YES, I said MIDDLE of a restaurant, a common occurrence in Hawaii! Fun fact about pigeons, they INSTANTLY become more magical when being photographed, it's science.

(PLANNER , GREENS, MACRAME: Chavah Grant of Vida Chic Events ARBOR: Aloha Artisans, DRESS: Reclamation Design Company BEAUTY: Emi Hart HAIR/MAKEUP: Jessica Styles Hair)

3. A Horse makes 3
Gorgeous Hawaii Beach Elopement with incredible florals, a haku-wearing-pony and a rainbow on the beach!

This beautiful Persian couples had a an absolute dream for their big day and their elopement wedding photography in mind... The two of them, eloping out on a secluded beach.. he would ride in on this beautiful horse and she'd be waiting for him under a gorgeous arbor covered in bright Hawaiian florals.... the rainbow was an added bonus. (location: Hawaii Polo Fields Florals: Ocean Dreamer)

4. Furry Photobomb
Sunrise Wedding Session with furry pups on the beach who photo bombed to play!

These amazing furry friends ran in for the CUTEST photo bomb while sunrise wedding photos were happening! We didn't mind, just look at those faces!

5. Hawaiian Wild Horses
Wild Horses with a wedding couple on an adventure wedding session on a secluded black sand beach on the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii

This couples also just happens to be the "Lava Wedding Couple" Everything happens for a reason, right? The original date we planned to travel out to the lava for their Adventure Wedding Photography Session, Hurricane Darby decided to move in... so instead we hiked for miles down a secluded coastline to a black sand beach... There, on the outskirts of a wild storm, we were greeted by a wild horses on the beach... additionally, we made a tiny crab friend! Talk about epic wedding photography!

6. Icelandic Sheep Adventures
Gorgeous collage of Iceland Adventure Wedding Photography. Including Northern Lights Wedding Photos, waterfalls, icelandic sheep and more!

I've had the joy of photographing this adventurous couple multiple times. They love to travel and always love to celebrate each year together with a brand new adventure. Our adventures together have included - their incredible Wedding in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, an Adventure Wedding Session in Iceland, an Adventure Wedding Session on Oahu, AND an amazing wedding photo session at their vow renewal in Del Norte, Colorado... we've been on so many incredible adventures together.... Iceland was a definite favorite... As we ventured around Iceland exploring the incredible land... geysers, waterfalls, aurora borealis, and more... my FAVORITE reoccurring joy was the crazy, little wild sheep, frolicking about. They have the funniest personalities and were such a joy to watch. Fun fact about Iceland, all sheep are truly "free-range" they get to run around and explore their beautiful island-country. Come September, they have a large festival where the Icelandic folks all participate in rounding up all the sheep who are then returned home.

7. beauties & their beasts

These two beautiful brides went all out for their love of animals on their wedding day... Their DREAM wedding at Sunset Ranch included the most amazing feathery and furry friends at their cocktail hour. They were such a fun part of their wedding photography... we had an amazing time and went WILD shooting this squad.

Additionally, their cat was honored at their wedding, and their reception table numbers were even paired with various Australian marsupials (as their honeymoon was set for Australia to visit the animals they so loved!) See more of their incredible wedding photography and videography HERE.

8. Turtle Adventures

While droning on their big day, a sweet Honu (Hawaiian turtle) decided to join us! Of all the times I've droned the gorgeous islands of Hawaii, never have I seen a turtle swimming about near my couple... This guy hung out with us for nearly 10 minutes swimming about as the waves ebbed and flowed.

9. Giraffes?!

How about these two lovelies who had giraffe's at their big day? YES, GIRAFFES. If you're an animal lover and this sounds right up your alley, we highly recommend the San Antonio Zoo to make all of your wedding dreams come true! Chavah Grant of Vida Chic Events creates the most dreamy wedding days imaginable surrounding the magical creatures of the zoo. Also, the animals all seem to be happy, loved and cared for. As someone, who has a 99.99% plant based diet (for health and animal love reasons) it's always a priority that the sweet animals are cared for. Photographing wedding photography with GIRAFFE'S one of the most amazing and magical creatures on the planet, was truly a dream come true!

10. Sunflowers and a little ass

A sweet little jack ass... This donkey was amazing. He loves frolicking around his home at Waimanalo Farms on Oahu... This fiery little dude is so full of personality and definitely kept us on our toes as we laughed and celebrated Angela and Grant's big day.

11. Kitties, Ponies, and Chickens, Oh my!

Back to our beautiful adventurous couple (Crystal and Thiago) from earlier... another year I was lucky to capture them at Angel Rock Ranch in Del Norte, Colorado... How gorgeous are these two and amazing are their furry and feathery friends? Not to mention... those FOSSILIZED plates!!... the critters at their event literally spanned back MILLIONS of years.. Amazing!

(Who said you can only take wedding photos on your wedding day?! ;) I'm a firm believer you should celebrate your sweet life commitment, YEARLY! After all, your relationship is like a garden, you must love it, tend to it, and celebrate it in order for it to flourish.

12. Sting Ray City

Flew to Grand Cayman to capture this incredible couple's day. Let's just say it was INCREDIBLE... especially the next day when we took to the sea to play in the Ocean among the Sting Rays. Sting Ray Adventure Wedding Photography was a new first for me!

Thinking of incorporating animals on your big day? As long as they're cared for, loved and happy - I say follow your heart and make your day uniquely your own! Remember there's no wrong way to celebrate your wedding, there's only your way. So follow your heart, make it epic and amazing, and ENJOY one of the most wildly beautiful days of your life!!


Jenna Lee

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