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by jenna lee


Sunset Ranch Hawaii: The Ultimate Dream Wedding Venue in Hawaii

Why we love the hawaii wedding venue, sunset ranch and think it's one of the best wedding venues, not just on oahu, but on the planet. 🌎

All photos & content by Jenna Lee Pictures

Wedding Ceremony at Fern's Garden Sunset Ranch Hawaii located on Oahu. Wedding Photographer captures a beautiful photo of a sunset wedding ceremony at Sunset Ranch.
Gorgeous wedding ceremony closer to sunset time at Fern's Garden, Sunset Ranch

Welcome to Sunset Ranch Hawaii, where your dream wedding becomes a breathtaking reality! Nestled on the North Shore of Oahu, this stunning venue is more than just a location; it's a heart-stirring experience that embodies the spirit of aloha. Here's why Sunset Ranch is not just the best wedding venue in Hawaii but a magical paradise that promises to make your special day unforgettable. This post will have two different lists. The first we'll discuss the surface reasons Sunset Ranch is absolutely amazing! The second will be more focused on wedding day experience and the reasons why we personally love this venue so dang much. Having shot more weddings at this venue than most, we can give you all of the juicy insider info and intimate details into why this venue is one of the absolute best!!!



The Enchanting Setting

Sunset Ranch is an absolutely incredible wedding venue on the island of Oahu in Hawaii. The diversity this one location offers is stellar. From the rustic working barn and horses (if that's your jam and if not, it's easy to avoid any of that), to the most epic botanical garden, ocean views, sprawling fields, epic trees, water elements, this location really has it all. From giant awesome parties to luxury affairs, to small intimate boho gatherings, the diversity of this location is spectacular.

Two brides walk a horse across a field at sunset time during their Hawaiian wedding at Sunset Ranch on Oahu.

A Rustic Paradise

Drone image of Sunset Ranch Hawaii showing the entire property on the north shore of Oahu.

Picture this - a sprawling ranch set against a backdrop of lush mountains and panoramic ocean views. Sunset Ranch Hawaii offers a perfect blend of rustic charm and natural elegance, making it a photographer's dream and your fairytale venue. If rustic is your jam, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better venue, than Sunset Ranch. From the adorable and spacious "working" barn to the horses cruising around (not to mention your ability to include a giant furry friend on your big day, it makes Sunset Ranch is a truly spectacular option.

Botanical Gardens aka Fern's Garden

Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by exotic flora and fauna. The ranch's botanical gardens are not only stunning but also create a serene and intimate ambiance, perfect for those who love nature.

Breathtaking Sunset Views

True to its name, Sunset Ranch provides awe-inspiring sunset views, offering a canvas of vibrant colors that make your wedding photos pop with life and color.

While a colorful sunset like below doesn't always happen on the island, if it does, Sunset Ranch is the place to be to fully enjoy the entirety of its beauty!

Unparalleled Exclusivity

Privacy and Serenity: Unlike some venues, Sunset Ranch is known for its exclusivity. You'll have the entire ranch to yourself, ensuring a private and intimate celebration without the worry of uninvited guests. This also leaves you open to have the entire ranch at your disposal for epic wedding photo options!

Lots of Venue Variety

Whether you're dreaming of a garden ceremony, a barn reception, or a hilltop celebration, Sunset Ranch offers diverse locations within its grounds to suit your style and guest count. Sunset Ranch also happens to be home to our hands-down favorite Ceremony location... FERN'S GARDEN. Overall, there are 3 common ceremony locationsm (Fern's Garden, field, and giant tree), and two popular reception options (tented and barn)

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly

Commitment to the Environment: In a time when sustainability is key, Sunset Ranch stands out with its commitment to conservation and eco-friendliness. Celebrate your love while also loving the planet! For example, you won't even have to worry about wedding guest gifts, with their locally-sourced honey option!

Exceptional Amenities and Services

Full-Service Experience: From planning to execution, the team at Sunset Ranch ensures every detail is perfect. Their full-service approach means less stress for you and a seamlessly beautiful day. No exaggeration here, with their expert timeline creation, couples really get to enjoy their days stress-free.

Customizable Packages: Understanding that each couple is unique, Sunset Ranch offers customizable packages. Whether you want a grand affair or a more intimate gathering, they cater to your specific needs. Their packages are WONDERFUL and truly full service. They also include some of our favorite vendors!-From Pastor Mark who cruises up to the ceremony on his Harley, to La Flor's epic floral visionary Vanessa Olsen who is a true FLORAL ARTIST, to DJ Roman's fun vibes and great music selection, they really offer such special wedding day packages.

Why Couples Love Sunset Ranch

The Romantic Ambiance: Couples consistently rave about the romantic and dreamy atmosphere of the ranch. It's a place where magic happens and memories are made.

Stunning Photo Opportunities: With its picturesque landscapes, Sunset Ranch is a paradise for wedding photographers. Every corner of the ranch offers a beautiful setting for your Oahu Wedding Photography.

Exceptional Reviews: Don't just take our word for it; the glowing reviews from countless happy couples speak volumes about the exceptional experience at Sunset Ranch and for good reason! They definitely get 5 stars from us!

In a nutshell,

Sunset Ranch Hawaii isn't just the best wedding venue in Hawaii; it's a destination where dreams come true. With its stunning natural beauty, exclusive use, and commitment to personalization and sustainability, it stands out as a premier choice for your Hawaii wedding. Book Sunset Ranch for an experience that's as unforgettable as your love story!


personal EXPERIENCE, NITTY GRITTY, in-depth REASONS, and pro-tips (aka... the good stuff!)

The Crew

We just LOVE the entire vibe and crew at Sunset Ranch! Since day one they have been some of our favorite humans on the island and when it comes to humans you'd want involved in crafting and coordinating your wedding, it doesn't get much better than them. The women in charge Lorrie and Alia, both have a calm soothing presence, they are so easy to get along with, sweet and flexible and know their shit. Important traits, I'd want if it was my big day. Furthermore, they have their timelines down to a SCIENCE!! No joke. From a wedding photographer/videographer perspective, their timelines are so wonderful they allow for us to get creative and capture what we need to capture, we never feel rushed - the absolute ideal scenario. Could not recommend this incredible crew more!

Getting ready options

The Get-Ready Suites -Bridal

A few years back Sunset Ranch invested in arguably one of the best Bridal "Get Ready" suites on the island, that you can find at any private wedding estate in Hawaii. We absolutely love this space. It's light and bright, with big beautiful windows. There are pre-installed hooks lining one of the walls, which is a perfect space to hang multiple outfits. There is beautiful furniture, and rustic wood benches, making for a variety of surfaces for your photographers to shoot detail shots on that are in line with your wedding theme (from rustic, to boho, classic, or elegant)

The suite is conveniently located, not too far from anything, but nestled in a back corner to keep the bride concealed. It's always nice and cool and has ample space for not only multiple hair & makeup artists to work simultaneously, while sharing the beautiful lighting needed for amazing makeup, but for your photo/video team to also capture details and work in the space as well without feeling crowded... in other words... SO MUCH ROOM FOR ACTIVITIES!

The Get-Ready Suites -Secondary Suites

Located very centrally, are double rooms usually used for either the Groom and his wedding party and/or a secondary space closer to the ceremony for the bride(s). They are comfortable for a small group of people and a bit on the darker side, but work well for Groom's portraits, out front on the lanai is a great place for photos and only steps from Fern's garden. There is a cow skin rug in one of the rooms that couples either love or hate, but makes a great backdrop for detail photos (if it matches your vibe.)

Ceremony Locations

There are actually THREE Ceremony Locations on the Ranch! As the years have progressed our couples seem to solely pick Fern's Garden - Honestly, with Fern's Garden being one of the most beautiful locations on the planet, I myself can't fathom why the other spots are even considered - but that's just of course my personal opinion! Those who don't wed in Fern's Garden still definitely do photos there and unlike some private ranch locations that upcharge absolutely everything, including photos at other spots, use of this entire ranch is included with your package! Here are the Locations!


The Field

While this is definitely not the best representation of the field space, after all it was a very rainy and gray day, it's a good representation of what could happen if you choose this space. Fern's Garden on the other hand is vibrant and green ANY TIME, and even if the weather leads to slightly moodier vibes/color, it absolutely works in Fern's Garden and looks EPIC, ANY TIME! While the ocean is visible from parts of the field, it's not from this location, and it's so far in the distance it's not overly visible if there's too much bright light in the sky that's close to the horizon.Very few of the weddings we capture


The Big Beautiful Tree

There's not much to say about this location, it's your ceremony in front of a big giant tree! I feel like this location used to be more popular, and I'd rank it second most popular of the 3 locations at Sunset Ranch for your Hawaii wedding, the #1 spot however, goes to...


Fern's Garden

Fern's Garden at Sunset Ranch on the Hawaiian island of Oahu is truly spectacular. It's incredibly gorgeous in any light, in any weather, and it's comfortable - the temperature always seems to be near perfect. It's so EPIC and an absolute wedding photographer's dream. I couldn't recommend this wedding spot more!

Which Spot is your fav?

  • The Field

  • The Big Beautiful Tree

  • Fern's Garden

Reception Options

The Barn

For those going more with a rustic theme for their wedding, the barn may be a good fit for your Reception needs. The barn is quite spacious, and protects everyone from the elements should there be any. It's definitely a darker option, perhaps the tent lighting just seems brighter, but it's a cozy option should it fit with your wedding aesthetic. Keep in mind this is an active horse barn, so there are large furry friends who live right nextdoor.


I really love the outdoor feel the tent maintains, the open air is always so pleasant. You are protected from the elements while still being able to enjoy the gorgeous outdoor views. I also feel the tent is more versatile in terms of your overall wedding theme. A white tent is also a great place to bounce flash off in the evening time to light up those Reception photos!

other reasons sunset ranch is ahhhhmazing -

Beautiful in ANY Lighting or Weather Conditions

This is a huge one, and I honestly can't think of another location where this sentiment stands true. First let me say, weather has NEVER "ruined" an event at this location, because there's literally a built in back-up, (I mean... have you seen the epic barn?) & I have literally shot weddings here in any light imaginable, and one thing holds true... FERN'S GARDEN is ALWAYS EPIC!!!! -- you can check out this blog on weather, to get my full feelings on the awesomeness that is mother nature and why you shouldn't worry about the weather on your big day.

You can have an actual Petting Zoo at your wedding!

NOT EVEN JOKING... Check out these photos!!!😍

Sunset Ranch has all the amazing goodies you can incorporate on your wedding day. Make sure and ask them about this one!


Sunset Ranch recently invested in an AMAZING restroom trailer. It has multiple toilets, it's large and air-conditioned. Probably the nicest restrooms you'll find outside of a 5 star hotel or resort. 😉

Hotel Accommodations/Transportation

Couples getting married at Sunset Ranch on Oahu tend to stay nearby at Turtle Bay, it's about a 20 minute drive between the two. For those staying in Waikiki, the drive typically takes between an hour (at the lowest traffic time) to 1 hour 30+. There's this great little spot on the beach the turtles love to visit, and the result is a jam-packed beach full of visitors (who constantly also cross the road and slow traffic down.) Sometimes the drive from Waikiki to Sunset Ranch can be closer to two hours at particularly high traffic / turtle times. So please keep in mind if transporting guests from Waikiki. (Your coordinators will help you work this all out, so no reason to stress or worry about it.)

This is a running list and I just know we'll continue to add to it, as more thoughts and fun tid bits regarding why you should get married at Sunset Ranch pop into my head! But for now, I hope you found this helpful. If you choose to say "I do" at Sunset Ranch I just know you'll certainly be glad that you did! <3

Love, Light, and Aloha,

Jenna Lee

P.S. In closing... here's a throwback video to Mandy & Kalko's incredible event. <3

*** Because we know each of our amazing set of clients is unique, we take that care when editing each event to honor that! I've always edited each event with how it resonates with me most, in terms of the overall mood, colors, and vibe. Some are more bright and light while others are on the moodier side, and always if our couples have a preference, we'll make sure to honor it. ♥️

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