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by jenna lee

EPIC Hawaii Adventure Elopement | Oahu, HI | Wedding Photography


After this couple went viral for their proposal… George proposed to Liberty with a giant ring, while plummeting from thousands of feet above.. Yes, they were sky diving! This incredibly adventurous duo knew that a typical wedding wasn’t right for them, so when they contacted us for recommendations on an epic adventure for their Hawaiian elopement, we were so excited. Working closely with Hawaii Adventure Elopements and their awesome coordinator Hannah, we came up an elopement on one of the private islands off the coast of Oahu. Hawaii Adventure Elopements organized this wild elopement and it could not have been more perfect.

Here’s a little behind the scenes, this very quiet island only had a handful of other visitors while we were there. On the left you can see my crew and the coordinators as we prepped to hike to the top of the island mountain. On the right you can see our gorgeous bride, who changed into her dress while her groom went ahead and changed at the top. She then hiked and rock climbed to the tip-top in her gown.

Meanwhile, our groom George changed into his wedding attire cliffside and looking out over the Pacific Ocean and Oahu’s gorgeous coastline.

Here, he waited for his gorgeous bride and their first look.