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by jenna lee


A Stormy Waimanalo Wedding | Bianca + Jordan | Oahu, HI

They say rain is a Hawaiian blessing! Well what happens when it’s supposed to pour all day? Sometimes couples stress about the weather on their big day, but the truth is certain things you just can’t change. Weather actually makes your day more interesting and unique… take this gorgeous wedding for instance. The clouds in the sky created picture perfect lighting for the entire event. The sweet little flower girls were cute as can be as the cloudy sky acted as a natural diffuser for the sun creating perfect lighting.

The sweet pink flower hakus were the perfect decoration for this beautiful beach elopment. Flowers and freckles were all these sweet flower girls needed. Their light blue dresses popped nicely againt the gorgeous pine trees on the beach.

Birdie the oldest of the flower girls (by dog years of course) was feeling mighty fine and fabulous in her very own haku, which popped beautifully against her soft golden fur.

The intense clouds created a dramatic environment, that contrasted our sweet bride beautifully.

Time seemed to stand perfectly still as Jordan saw his beautiful bride for the first time.

Ashe sarted at his bride in awe, these two seemed to be the only two who existed in the world.

A flower shower and sparkling apple cider were the perfect celebration.

The wind howled and whipped us around, but the newlyweds could care less as they laughed and enjoyed each other on the beach.

The wind and sea spray created a soft magic glow, making these wedding photos even more magical.

Location: Waimanalo Beach


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